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Peace Warriors

The  District’s Peace Warrior training and development program is based upon Dr. MLK Non-violence initiatives and creative Sponsor led teaching methods. Our training is often self-catered to meet the needs of all children .The purpose of the training is to empower students to work towards change and desire to live the principles and to make nonviolence a way of life amongst their peers and communities. 

Our weekly training consists of de-escalation skills, social and emotional character development, and enrichment activities that have proven to produce courageous individuals and outstanding student leaders. Our open discussions and dialogue have allowed our students to bond as peers, build trust, and create a safe platform to share personal and community trauma.

The Peace Warriors signature “footprints of love” are the trademark of who we are and what we desire to see. They are laid throughout our community and abroad to demonstrate alternatives to violence.  The students' ability to promote inclusion in their schools are exhibited in their ability to  be active participants with the district's award winning Unified Special Olympics Sports and Leadership Teams.